Welcome to The Worship Lab

We currently have all of our Sunday evening Worship Labs
via Zoom.

We meet every 1st & 3rd Sunday @ 6:30 pm.


We are exploring options for in-person/hybrid Study Lab meetings.

What to expect when you log on to a Zoom service


Before we begin services, we will announce any obvious trigger warnings within the content.  If you experience any uneasiness during the service, feel free to step away, chat with us in the chat room, or alert us that you need a side conversation. We will always stay online after our services if you need to further discuss or process any aspect of the content.


For your comfort/safety, we invite you to:

  • Add your personal pronouns to your username. This might look like she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/their, or she/they, etc. We would ask that if you use mixed pronouns, let us know how we should use your pronouns either verbally or via the chat window before we begin.

  • Communicate your interaction preferences. Would you prefer to be acknowledged, or would you like to simply observe? Are you comfortable with introductions? 

  • Share if you prefer not to be recorded during the service or study.  We do record our services, but we edit out personal/social interactions before and after the service or study.  You also have the option of keeping your video off.  However, please “check-in” and show yourself at the beginning and end of the service or study to ensure group security and protection from potential “zoom-bombers”.  We also use this trauma informed protocol to ensure our community is ok, especially if a triggering topic comes up.